At Bill Marsh Hyundai, we're all about delivering a more streamlined and hassle-free experience for our customers. We believe that if you can complete most of your other business online, the same should hold for buying a car. With our online shopping tools, you can complete the entire process from the comfort of home, including taking home delivery.

  • Browse and Compare: Our large online inventory is easy to navigate and fully detailed with lots of pictures of each model. Save models for later research, set up price alerts, and compare models head-to-head.

  • Customize Your Deal: With our online tool, you're in control of your deal. First, calculate your monthly payments by adjusting for your down payment amount, estimated credit score, term length, APR, and monthly mileage limit (for leases).

  • Value Your Trade: Save money on the purchase of your next car by including your old vehicle in the deal. Our appraisal tool uses the latest Kelley Blue Book data to ensure you get the best price for your trade.

  • Apply for Financing: When you visit the dealership to buy a car, you can often spend an hour or two just waiting around for a response from lenders. The online application process is much faster and will allow you to complete the step ahead of time if you choose to come in to sign the papers.

  • Schedule an At-Home Test Drive: If a vehicle looks perfect on paper, you can make sure it’s a match by taking a test drive. We'll bring a freshly sanitized vehicle to your location, and you can test drive it without needing to come in.

  • Schedule Delivery: Now, you don't need to visit a dealership for any step of the car-buying process. We will happily bring the paperwork to you. We'll bring the vehicle and sanitize it again upon arrival, and after you sign the papers, we'll leave the keys with you.

Shop Online and Get Home Vehicle Delivery near Charlevoix County, Garfield Township, and Petoskey, MI

If you have any questions about the online shopping process and taking home delivery, please feel free to contact the team at Bill Marsh Hyundai at your convenience. We'll be happy to explain and walk you through the steps.

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