Which Should You Choose?

As we know, Tesla has increasingly saturated the market for electric crossover vehicles, but now with other makes expanding into the all-electric automobile world, there comes stiff competition. Today, we want to know how the Hyundai IONIQ 5 stacks up compared to the Tesla Model Y and which is the better buy for our residents in the Charlevoix county area.

Design & Picturesque Layout

Tesla's classic sleek and bubbly look now faces a lack of diversity when parked next to the edgy and futuristic-looking IONIQ 5. The Model Y Long Range trim can seat up to seven; however, the more expensive Performance trim only seats up to five like the IONIQ 5. Usually, a higher sticker price equals more seats, but not in the case of the Tesla Model Y. Both vehicles offer the same number of interior and exterior design options in terms of paint color and upholstery.

The model Y interior is simplified, minimalistic, and 'clean' looking, whilst the IONIQ 5 takes the classic SUV interior we know and love and integrates a futuristic look we think of when we hear of an all-electric vehicle. This look makes Kalkaska look set back in time when driving through to Garfield and is guaranteed to make heads turn in curiosity and admiration.

Power & Efficiency

Although there's no gasoline present, both models still pack a punch under the hood. Both models have all-wheel drive and over 300 miles of EPA-estimated all-electric range with over 300 horsepower. The difference? The IONIQ 5 is just over half the price of the Model Y. Additionally, the IONIQ 5 charges at a rapid rate of ten percent to 80 percent in a matter of only 18 minutes compared to the hours you'll be hooked up to a charging station in Petoskey with the Tesla Model Y. Who wants to sit around and wait for your car to charge when it could be ready to drive in a matter of minutes?

Tech Specs & Integration

The Model Y comes with its prominent 15-inch touchscreen display on the dashboard, making its futuristic design look much more appealing than the IONIQ 5. Unfortunately for Tesla, the IONIQ 5's 12.3-inch HD display integrates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, whereas the Model Y does not. This comparison is a huge factor that may sway its audience towards the IONIQ 5, reasonably so.

Safety & Performance

Additionally, technology plays a massive part in the safety features of each vehicle. Tesla is most notable for its autopilot driving and driver assistance, but amazingly, the IONIQ 5 surpasses these standards with its Driving Assist 2 autonomy system due to its consistent precision. That's impressive! Even though the base model IONIQ 5 SE doesn't come standard with all of the base Model Y Long Range's features, the Limited edition of the IONIQ 5 is still less expensive than any of the Model Y trims.


Which Model Does it Better?

If your budget can shop for an all-electric vehicle, you would be doing yourself a favor by opting for the Hyundai IONIQ 5 to get the most out of your investment. That's why we believe the IONIQ 5 is a better buy than the Tesla Model Y. More features, capability, and trims for a lower price than the Tesla. In other words, you will be paying double the amount of money just for name-brand satisfaction if you opt for the Model Y.

Experience it Yourself

Don't believe us? Test for yourself at our lot in Traverse City. We have plenty of options for you to compare to the IONIQ 5. Contact us to schedule a test drive or stop by today.